Shaking Hands with Interviewers – The Secrets

We all know that first impressions count during your interview, this short article will help you realise what your handshake reveals to the employer.

When being introduced to the interviewer, you will more often then not be committed to a handshake; a handshake is a quick gesture to say “Hello I’m here, I’m professional and I’m ready for the interview” this two second introduction will give the employer their first impression about you and set’s the tone for the rest of the interview.

If you believe in the power of handshakes or not, your handshake is expected and often unconsciously tells the employer a little about your character, employers will often be prejudice and make an opinion about you from your initial handshake.

Research has shown that a handshake like other body language signals gives interviewers an unconscious idea about a person’s personality and a firm handshake is more likely to help gain you a job offer, then a limp handshake.

By now, you have started to read this article on handshaking, you are starting to become more aware of how the unconscious mind picks up on non verbal language and how this can affect your interview, you can learn more about non verbal language and interviews in our secrets of employment e-book, down load it today and increase your chances of gaining job offers.  


  • What the Handshake means?  

    If your Palm is facing up this can be taken as a sign of submission

    A palm facing down can be taken as aggressive

    While a palm facing sideways is taken as an equal

    If someone uses the Palm Facing down handshake (aggressive) You can counter this by putting your second hand on top of their hand and slowly turning there Palm up (this needs lots of practicing for it to look natural)


Employers will probably not remember the handshake itself, they remember the unconscious image they create of you from the handshake, just like our body language gives non verbal clues, and so does our handshake.

What makes a good handshake? A firm grip, eye contact and an up-and-down movement.

Common Handshake Mistakes

The Bone Crusher – don’t turn a handshake into a competition to see who is the strongest  

The Long Handshake – often a nervous interviewee will be pre-occupied with making a good impression and overcoming their nervous they forget to let go of the interviewer’s hand.

Sweaty Palm – again this one can often happen to nervous interviewees, the more nervous we become the more we sweat, remember to sneakily wipe your hands before the handshake.  

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