Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

Why did you leave your last position?” 


When any negative put interview questions including “why did you leave your last position?” you need to re-frame your answer to a positive, focusing on your career prospects and your skill base.


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Interview Q&A Tutorial – why did you leave your last position?

Interview Question:

Why did you leave your last position?”

Explanation of the Question:

Be positive with this answer and smile – employers like to hear that you left for a good opportunity or reason, a chance to do something special or for a good career move.

          • Start the answer with a look back



          • Explain what you enjoyed about your previous role



          • Give a Positive reason for leaving




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Example Interview Answer

“I enjoyed working at Company Name and really enjoyed the interaction of working with a wide range of individuals-I feel I gained a lot of transferrable skills from this experience, which I can use in this role. It was a hard choice to leave but I felt that this great opportunity is the next obvious step for me”   Good Luck with your next job interview

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