Volunteering – The Best Job Searching Tool

We all know Volunteering is an advantage for anyone looking for a new job or career. From my own personal experience I enjoy volunteering as it gives you sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and for me a chance to give something back.

You can use volunteering to gain new experience and in some cases new qualifications, many professionals I have met have gained their career by starting as a volunteer.



When recording volunteering on your CV, don’t, like many other job hunters, undersell your volunteering experience. Add your volunteering work under the Employment section and record it as you would with any past or current job position.



A great opportunity to sell your volunteering experience is during the job interview. Most employers are impressed with a volunteer as it already proves you have dedication, your reliable and hard working – if you wasn’t you wouldn’t volunteer. Also employers will recognise that you have good time management skills and that you are able to take on new responsibility.

For your volunteering to gain a new job offer, you need discover the skills you have gain that are relevant to the position you are applying, even when apply for a job in a different sector. 

  • Project management – organizing events or fundraising activities  
  • Sales skills – contacting people face to face for donations or recruiting volunteers
  • Communication – explaining games and rules to groups of youths

Companies and employers value dedication and passion, as a volunteer you already have these qualities; you need to ensure they come across during the job interview as many good natured volunteers often undersell their skills.

Write down a list of all your skills and qualities you gain from volunteering

Volunteering Employment
  • Communication
  • ITC
  • Time Management
  • Organisation

Next read the job specification and if your skill or quality is needed, record an experience when you have used the particular skill as a volunteer in the second box; this is the starting point for answering your interview questions.

Many volunteers win awards, again the job interview is a time to sell yourself, don’t be shy mention anything that will help you gain a new job offer.

Being a volunteer is great for a number of reasons including meeting new people, new experiences and gaining new skills. As you have discovered volunteering can also help you find work, if you are not a volunteer start looking for a volunteering opportunity now.

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