What is a Big Data Job?

What is a Big Data Job?


A big data analyst works with the data in a given system and performs data analysis, these results help the business to make key decisions through clear and insightful analyses of data.

You will perform data mining, data auditing, aggregation, reconciliation, advanced modelling techniques, testing and explaining results through clear reports and presentations.

A big data analyst will have a broad understanding with real-time analytic s and business intelligent platforms. You will be experienced in SQL databases, scripting languages, programming languages and statistical software packages. From the analysed data you will be able to develop new insights.


Key skills required for this position include:

·         Enjoys searching for patterns that could lead to new insights

·         Able to use very large data sets

·         Question your findings and create management reports

·         A Bachelor’s Degree ranging from mathematics, statistics, and computer science, economics or finance

·         Interpersonal, oral and written communication and presentation skills to communicate complex findings and ideas in plain language

·         Problem solving skills

·         Able to work under pressure and to meet deadlines

Jobs in this sector are increasing with a predicted 1.5 million jobs being created in the US alone. The job growth is due to the increase of data in the digital world. Big data employees work with this large amount of data before computers literally burn out. Companies especially in the medical sector have millions of pieces of data and they have no idea what to do with it.

Graduates aren’t aware of these opportunities, which is leading to a careers gap between an increase in job opportunities and a lack of qualified and skilled applicants.
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