Interview Questions and Answers Aren’t You Over Qualified for this Role?

Interview Questions and Answers Aren’t You Over Qualified for this Role?


This interview question “aren’t you over qualified for this role?” is asked when the employer is concerned about your commitment to their organisation. You need to make it clear that you will not, once offered a position, leave the company for a higher paid job in a sector relevant to your qualifications.



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Interview Question:

Aren’t You Over Qualified for this Role?


Explanation of the Question:

Answer this interview question by stating how much you enjoy this type of work and how this is a career move, not just a job. It is also good to highlight that you would pick this job over one relevant with your qualifications. Never say that you are looking for a job with less responsibility or stress – keep this answer positive   Interview questions and answers

Example Interview Answer

“for me, this is a career move not just a job. I am really interested in this industry and would choose this role over one with a higher salary, relevant to my previous qualifications.” 

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