Interview Questions for a Door Supervisor

Interview Questions for a Door Supervisor 



A door supervisor (often referred to as a security guard) is a complex role with various duties, often depending on type of venue you are supervising. This is a regulated role where you will be required to have an SIA licence – many employers will require you to prove you have this qualification during the job interview process.


Your day to day duties will include the following:


  • managing crowds, queues and entry to venues
  • checking tickets, age and behaviour 
  • patrolling inside and outside the venue
  • watching people’s behaviour and dealing with conflict
  • restraining and escorting people out of the venue
  • dealing with emergencies, conflict and working with the police


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10 Interview Questions for:

Door Supervisor 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 1

  • What is your experience in security and door supervision? 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 2

  • How do you monitor and assess customers?


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 3

  • Why do you need to cooperate successfully with the uniformed services? 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 4

  • Give an example of making a quick and decisive decision in a pressurized situation? 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 5

  • Give an example of when you have used successfully your powers of observation and what was the outcome? 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 6

  • Describe how you would restrain and escort customers out of the venue? 


Door Supervisor  Job Interview Question 7

  • How do you deal with a conflict to ensure it does not escalate? 

Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 8

  • Give an example of using excellent customer service skills?


Door Supervisor  Job Interview Question 9

  • What qualifications IE first aid, SIA, etc do you hold? 


Door Supervisor Job Interview Question 10

  • Do you have any questions for me?

Good questions to ask interviewers at the end of the job interview include questions on the company growth or expansion, questions on personal development and training and questions on company values, staff retention and company achievements.


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