10 Job Interview Questions for a Nail Technician at Superdrug

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 10 Job Interview Questions for a Nail Technician at Superdrug 


Superdrug is part of the AS Watson Group and is the the United Kingdom’s second-largest beauty and health retailer currently operating over 800 stores in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


With over 200 in-store pharmacies the nail technician position is on the increase. To pass a nail technician job interview in superdrug you need to practice your job interview.






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Nail Technician Job Interview Questions for Superdrug 


Superdrug Nail Technician Job Interview Question 1 What experience do you have as a nail technician?


Superdrug Nail Technician   Job Interview Question  2 Why did you choose to work at superdrug?


Superdrug Nail Technician  Job Interview Question 3 Which treatments do you specialist in?


Superdrug Nail Technician  Job Interview Question  4 How would you go about removing and replacing false nails?



Superdrug Nail Technician Job Interview Question  5 Why do you need to check for skin problems or irritations before starting treatment?


 Superdrug Nail Technician Job Interview Question 6 Name 3 ways you can decorate a nail?


Superdrug Nail Technician  Job Interview Question  7 Give an example of when a customer had complain about the service and how you resolved this?



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 Superdrug Nail Technician  Job Interview Question 8 How do you know when a customer has had a good service?


 Superdrug Nail Technician Job Interview Question 9 Are you flexible with working hours?


 Superdrug Nail Technician Job Interview Question 10 Do you have any questions for me?


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