How to attract the Recruiter even if you do not have experience

How to attract the Recruiter even if you do not have experience


Recruiters are like the gatekeepers of numerous unannounced positions in the industry. So, one needs to constantly keep in touch with a few prominent recruiters to stay informed. This can best be done by making yourself active and visible to recruiters in the online market. A LinkedIn profile is highly important to do so. It is one of the most preferred sites of recruiters to discover good candidates.



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Why is LinkedIn so important?

To answer this question, we must draw reference from a recent survey conducted by a popular software recruiting firm, they revealed in the study that almost 87 percent planned on using LinkedIn to staff candidates on 2011. And the number has only increased over the past 3 years.

There is a huge chunk of positions that remain under the covers in the job market and only these recruiters are aware of that. But if a person is not on the website with a lucrative profile he/she will go unnoticed and will not be discovered.

There are two main reasons why most people tend to avoid LinkedIn than any other job site.

  • They do not want their present employer t know that they are in the market for a new job.
  • They want to keep their privacy intact ad don’t want to disclose too much personal information on job site.

But both of these are very common misconceptions among people. As one need not reveal what they don’t want to on LinkedIn and also most active persons on LinkedIn are not in the market for a new job.



Also it is not only enough to put your name out there through a LinkedIn profile, your profile needs to be right to attract good recruiter attention. The main mistake made by most candidates on LinkedIn is that they do not have a complete profile. You need to have a complete profile to gather more recruiter attention. And your profile also needs to be search optimized and compelling enough so that the employers contact you.

As per reports a complete profile is viewed 40 times more than an incomplete one. The right hand side of one’s profile states the information about how complete ones profile is and what more does the person need to do.  Also being transparent and keeping your work and profile info up to date is key in LinkedIn to attract recruiter attention. You should also keep a profile in the popular job portals like or Indeed. But trying to find a niche job search website pertaining directly to your field is also important.

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What do employers’ look for in a good resume?

Here are a few tips to get your resume noticed in the pile of hundreds or thousands of other resumes on the employer’s table:

  • A very precise and short objective
  • An information about how long you have been working at your current position in the present company
  • A note about what you are presently working on and how that knowledge can help your company
  • Previous job experiences and time period of how long you’ve worked for those companies and positions
  • Educational qualifications

Also there are a certain number of things that makes recruiters fret:

  • Do not be inconsistent: this is one point that always puts employers off. Although we all go through ups and downs in our career. But major inconsistencies that strongly indicate a lack of focus about professionals should be avoided.
  • Do not be afraid to interact with recruiters on LinkedIn. Build up your professional network and be proud of it. Recruiters really like a person with a robust professional network and quality resumes and cover letters with their profiles.

Some other innovative ways you can grab recruiter’s attention are:

Host live events to connect with people in real life: This does make a huge difference in lives of professionals. You can host a networking event or an open house to attract recruiters as well as fresh talents for your own company.

Optimize your profile for increasing job portal visibility on search engines: When people put up a profile in a social networking site, they believe that recruiters read every last word in their profile. But they don’t, they only read a few key words to judge if you are a potential candidate or not. And if do not optimize your profile, recruiter’s relative to your field of expertise may never find you. Including numerous buzz words in your job search profile is key to make you more visible and discoverable to employers.


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