Secrets of Employment

Secrets of Employment, has helped many job hunters to gain employment and careers advisers to support their clients into work. We are so confident that you will enjoy reading the e-book that if you are not fully satisfied with the product we will give you your money back.

The e-book is designed to move you forward quickly into employment, supporting you to overcome your barriers, including how to improve your confidence and how to sell yourself in your CV and during interviews. All our extensive experience supporting hundreds of people with their careers has been put into easy to follow steps and fun exercises that will work to keep you focused and motivated.

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So, what to expect:                                                                                  

Choosing a Career-Personality Type                                     

– Personality Type Test                                                         

– Matching Job Roles                                                                     

Researching and Planning                                                 

– Values List                                                                                

– Action Plan                                                                                 

Job Searching                                                                             

– Job Timeline                                                                             

– Where to find employment                                                      

CV and Covering Letters (build your own CV in minutes using our CV builder)

– How to complete a CV

– Sample CV

– How Write Letters

– Sample Letters                                                                            

Application Forms                                                                  

– Glossary of Terms                                                                 

– Highlighting Skills                                                                    

– Mind Map                                                                                       

Telephone Techniques                                                  

– Resource Anchoring                                                                  

– Preparation                                                                                

Secrets to Interviews                                                        

– Reducing Fears                                                                       

– Preparing for Interviews                                                       

– Interview Questions                                                                   

– Different Interviews                                                                     

– Interview Confidence (circle of excellence)                     

– Arriving                                                                                        

– Building Rapport                                                                         

– Shaking hands                                                                           

– Eye and Language Accessing Cues                                    

– Self-Reflection                                                                           


– Future Vision exercise                                                               

CV Builder (after choosing a CV template, copy and paste from the list of personal profiles, employment history and hobbies and interest to create your own personal CV in minutes. All you need to add in is your education and qualifications – easy and quick)                                                                

– CV Templates                                                                                     

– Personal Profile                                                                                       

– Employment History Descriptions                                                        

– Hobbies and Interest                                                                            

Good luck with your job hunting and career from the Secrets of Employment

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