The 2 Key Benefits of a Holiday Job

The 2 Key Benefits of a Holiday Job 


For a job hunter securing a holiday job benefits them two fold; first holiday jobs are easier to secure because the employer will let their guard down during the recruitment process hiring people for the holiday vacancy that they might not have hired for a full time position. Why would they do this, you ask? Because for the employer they are desperate for staff and they know they can get rid of you within a couple of months if things don’t work out.


So for all the job hunters who struggle to secure full time employment, you can easily get a holiday job and during your time their, you can prove to the employer what a valuable asset you are so, when the time comes to letting the holiday staff go, the employer will want to keep you on offering you a full time position.


Second, this holiday experience adds value to your CV. Ideally if you find a holiday job in a sector you have planned out as a career then this experience is invaluable. for the those who use the holiday just for extra money, this experience will still add value to your CV deleting gaps in unemployment which some employers generalise as laziness. Ideally the job hunter should aim for a job in a sector they are looking to turn into a career, but any job is better then none as people see employed candidates as a better prospect  




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