Achieve Your Career Goal

This technique will help you achieve your goal, by breaking down your goal into realistic chunks. Also, by looking at the outcome of your goal and the resources you can access you will start to think about a future time when the outcome has been achieved and how this will make you feel and the changes this goal will bring. 


This is a great motivational tool used by many coaches. We have written this technique as a set of questions, you can print of the questions and answer them one by one. Clients who have used this technique feedback how effective a small number of questions can be. 

Good luck and enjoy achieving your career goal and outcome.                              


Setting Your Career Goal  


First think of your career goal as a positive and state the career goal in the present tense; as an example if your goal is to “get out of the company I hate” you can change this to a positive “To find a new job in a company that will help me develop” 


Record Your Positive Goal _______________________________________ 


Be In Charge of Your Goal  

You need to take responability of your career goal, it is good to use other resources like asking a friend to check if their company have any vacancies, but you are fully responsible for achieving your career goal – it is only you who can make this goal a reality. 

  • How will you start it?
  • How will you maintain it (the activity)?
  • If anything, how might you stop the good work?
  • What could you do instead to continue making good progress?


 A Career Coach can support you to achieve your career goal                                                      

Be Specific  

Your goal is the overview, now lets get specific. The smaller the details and information, the more achievible and real your goal becomes. As a motivational tool having smaller chunks of your goal recorded, makes it easier for you to move forward, by seeing yourself  each step along the way that you have achieved 

  • Where will you be when you start your goal?
  • When will you start working towards your goal?
  • How will you know you are moving forward?
  • What specifically will you be doing?
  • If you were doing this now, where are you? What can you see? What do you say to yourself? How do you keep going? How do you feel right now?
  • What would others say when they can see you achieving your goal? What will others see you doing?
Collect Evidence  

What is the outcome to achieving your goal? As we achieve the goals we set our-self we tend to find our lives move forward in more then just one way.


  • How will you know that the goal has been achieved?
  • What will be different? What will you see, hear and think when you have achieved your goal?
  • How will you know that your goal has lead to your desired outcome?


Once you have a goal and desired outcome and you are motivated to achieve your goal and outcome, you may want to use some additional resources.

  • What resources do you have available that will help you to reach your goal?
  • Who do you know that may be able to help, support and encourage you?
  • What books, information, state of mind may help you achieve your outcome?
  • Who do you know that has achieved the same outcome?

Size Matters                                                                                                                 

Ask Yourself:

  • Is the outcome the right size?
  • Does the outcome seem realistic and achievable?
  • Does it represent enough of a challenge to keep you interested without it being so big that it feels overwhelming?
  • Does outcome look, sound, feel exciting enough to keep you motivated?

A Little Extra


  • What would be the consequence in your life and relationships if you got your outcome?
  • How do you feel when you have achieved your outcome?
  • Who else would the outcome effect?



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