Be At Your Very Best In Every Job Interview – Interview Confidence

Using NLP, the study of Human Excellence, this article will help you be at your very best during every job interview. Imagine you could perform at your optimum during all your future interviews, how would this increase the amount of job offers you receive? How confident would you feel knowing you are at your very best?

These techniques are powerful, to gain a full understanding you will need to commit to practicing them, I would also add for many, NLP techniques will be new and as you read the technique you will not be aware of the power of the technique until you practice the technique for real.

Give a Description.

Grab a pad of paper and a pen and write a description of how you would perform in an interview where you felt highly confident. Start with how you look, what you are wearing, how do you walk, what does your posture look like, are you carrying anything? Do you look relaxed? Calm? Confident?

How do you act, do you start conversations, what are you doing with your hands, do you pay attention to other people in the waiting or interview room? Write it all down “I feel…I  act…I see myself…”

How do you sound when your answering interview questions, write down your tone of voice, the speed you are speaking at, do you sound confident? In charge? Professional?

Write lots of detail, don’t just think it, write it down!                                  

What does your Best Look and Feel like?                                              

To become your best in every interview, you need to know what your best looks and feels like, close your eyes and imagine if you were at an interview performing to your very best. See yourself now; you look and feel great imagine you knew how to word your answers and see an air of confidence surrounding you, as you are being interviewed.

As you see yourself in your minds eye notice the way this confident version of you acts, notice your positive posture and listen to the tone of your voice. Become aware of everything that makes this new you feel good, how do you walk? Is your head held high or looking down? Is your handshake firm or soft? Do you look and sound like you belong there? Imagine you could smell the confidence of this new you, what does your confidence smell like?

Imagine if you could step out of your body, and float across to the body of this new confident you, step into your new body and see the world from the eyes of a confident you. Notice the confident feeling running strongly through your body, where does it start from? Which direction does it spread in? What is the speed? Is the confident feeling warm or cold? Fast or slow?  Become aware of what makes you feel confident right now. If you could give the confident feeling a colour, what colour would it be? If you could double the intensity of the colour, how much more confident does this make you feel?

Become aware of your posture, how you hold your head, your shoulders and how confidently you walk. What positive thoughts do you say to yourself as you feel confident? What else makes you feel confident? What could make you feel more confident?

Now you have already started to feel more confident, as you repeat this exercise two more times you will notice the confident and positive feelings becoming stronger more quickly.

Set up an Interview Anchor.

As you completed the last two exercises you would have started to feel more confident, this is because when you think about feeling confident you start to become confident. If you could access these confident and positive feelings before an interview, how would this increase your chances of passing the interview? You already know it would, think about feeling confident at an interview – you probably accessed these emotion really quickly this time.

When would it be useful for you to access your instant confident feelings (we will call this the trigger) for an interview? When you walk into the reception? When you shake the interviewer’s hand? When you take your coat off? At what point in the interview or lead up to an interview would you want to access instant interview confidence?

Remember when we asked where does your confident feeling come from? Think about that now, the start of your confident emotion. Many others say their confident feeling starts in their stomach, so we will use this as the example.

Think about the feeling in your stomach, the colour and speed you gave it and the direction it travels in.   Now think about your trigger, did you pick taking your coat off, shaking the interviewers hand or anything else? What ever you picked imagine doing that action now in slow motion, as you think about this trigger also think about the confident feeling starting in your stomach and spreading in slow motion around your body. Do this 8-10 times thinking about the trigger and emotion at the same time, each time make this happen faster and faster until it seems like they naturally happen at the same time, instantly.

Some people prefer to use an NLP Coach to help them master these confident building techniques.

By reprogramming your brain you can access positive feelings to any trigger, giving you in this case instant confidence during your interview. There are many other techniques to help reduce interview fears and increase confidence, keep a look out for upcoming blog articles.  

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