Do’s and Don’ts for Linkedin Business Users

Do’s and Don’ts for Linkedin Business Users 


Don’t – people mistakenly believe that they can join an industry forum on linked-in, add some blog post and increase the hits to their website. This doesn’t work and will only waste your time. Why because most people who use industry forums are business people like you, adding their own post in this pointless and poor marketing tool, which means they won’t read your post and you won’t read there’s. The click through rate on linked-in forums is low!!!


D0 – because loads of businesses use linked-in forums, you can use the businesses to promote your website. In the past I have welcomed linken-in business to write post for my blog giving them a free backlink, in return they will add my post to there site reaching new customers. I also tell the business to promote their article to their list and via social media which increases hits to my site. I have also posted group workings such as asking businesses to post positive comments on my blog, in return for me providing them a positive comment. Last year I made a group of 10 businesses who had free products to give away and wrote a blog post linking to these great giveaways (my give away featured at the top of the post) and then got all 10 companies to promote this amazing opportunity to their list (10 companies x on average 800 customers per list) this post got lots of hits and was featured on my blog.

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