Do You Have to Run Naked Through The Office To Get Sacked?

Do You Have to Run Naked Through The Office To Get Sacked? 


To my surprise, while sat at my desk a colleague, Gareth ran through the office naked! Gareth was always the clown, but I thought he had gone too far this time, he was bound to get the sack.

I was baffled when Gareth later told, me that our boss had given him several weeks paid leave to recover from the stress of the job. The truth is employers hires us because they want to make money. But employers don’t want to fire us because they’re scared they will lose money.

You can’t walk down a high street without seeing a lawyer’s office with a sign outside “unfairly dismissed? No win, no fee” employers are just too scared to let us go, it’s the same reason why you can’t use the office stapler without a risk assessment, employers are all too aware that they may get rid of the office clown one week, and see him perform the following month in court

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