7 Ways to Accelerate Your Job Hunt

7 ways to accelerate your job hunt



Normally when you get eat ice-cream especially on a hot sunny day, you obtain instant satisfaction knowing that you have averted getting turned to dust by the excruciating heat. But when it concerns something like finding the most appropriate long-term occupation, the sweet taste of that enjoyable satisfaction takes its time to settle in. To be more frank, it is not exactly easy to get a job even if you have the right qualifications and have done everything right from your side.


But the fat lady can finally sing a happy tune as we have crafted a number of ways that will help boost your job searching endeavors so that you can tire yourself less than usual. Here, is a list of the best tips that yield the greatest of results:



Below you can also access 101 Interview Questions and techniques to Influence the Job Interview. Good luck with your next job interview.


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Apply to more than one company


Tossing your resume to just one company out there is fine, but don’t count on your employers following up on your CV immediately and getting short-listed on the double. There is very likely going to be other applicants that might be just as persuasive and competent or perhaps even more than you are. This will slaughter your chances of even being considered and hold you back. Therefore, it is important for you to get ahead of yourself and send your resume over to a number of similar companies that would welcome and market your skills without a second thought. You may even get accepted by most of those companies, but at least you didn’t leave it to chance when being confronted with fierce competition.


Do not wait for opportunities to come flying at you


Do not assume that just because you have achieved commendable grades and a stunning degree, you will easily be called up and served a job vacancy on a silver platter. Effort is not defined by lack of potential but the opposite of that and if you wish to have people looking you up, you need to get off from the comforts of your soft bed and start applying as your rivals are as well.


Don’t forget to follow up


Once your job interview is over, your potential employers will assure to get back to you and inform you whether or not you’ve made the cut. However, this doesn’t indicate that you lie down and take your load off just to wait for that moment. Chances are that they may be busy on their side, have forgotten or may have found a better candidate to fill out the position. The only way of finding out is to write back to that company and remind them about your recent application.


The more interviews you take the better you become


Even if you don’t have prior practice on how to perform seamlessly in your interviews, there is never a better time to start getting used to them than now. Your first may sink faster than the Titanic, your second may seem like a tumbling seesaw, but the third might be the real winner for you as time goes by.


Get friends and family to help you out


With as many contacts you have reserved in your directory, including those of family and close-friends, you may have a better calling card to a good job than you could have realized. Some of your siblings, parents or comrades may be able to squeeze in a good favor for you at the place where they are working, or even aid you in your university essays.


Interview questions and answers


Make social media your new best friend


These days, it’s all about the internet and nothing can help you spread the word out faster and more conveniently than the World Wide Web itself. Follow potential organizations and employers on their official social media pages at sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram especially LinkedIn so learn about their company through their statuses and updates.


Create an online portfolio


If it’s an online professional portfolio or a cover letter that you are looking to build, then LinkedIn is right up your alley. You have to upload a professional shot without showing you posing with selfies, in a group or making funny or uncouth expressions. Upload all of your samples in digital format, audio or video presentations will supplement for you nicely.

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